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FlushSaver -> NZ's best water saving device

Flushsaver is a water saving toilet device that I invented a few years ago.
It is designed to fit into older toilets (these use the most water) and within a minute transform them into an ultra modern, water saving, variable flush toilet !

For more information and to purchase, visit the webpage:

Ideal for people renting who want to save water.
Also the fastest and cheapest way to halve your toilet water usage !!

The average single flush toilet uses 11 litres per full flush.
A household with 3 occupants flushes, on average, 15 times per day which is 165 litres per day or over 60,000 litres per year.
Flushsaver was designed specially for these older toilets, it fits in less than a minute and will halve your toilet water usage.

Yes, it really will save up to 30,000 litres per year !!

Many parts of New Zealand pay for their water usage, so save hundreds of dollars each year simply by fitting a flushsaver to your toilet.

If you are renting, just remove the flushsaver when you move :)
No more huge water bills, no need to replace the toilet or renovate the whole bathroom to save $$$ on your water bill.

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