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Lithium battery repair

Battery repair and resuscitation is a speciality of mine.
I also design and build batteries for unusual and unique electronic projects.

I have built up a set of tools and equipment that allow me to charge, load test and discharge whilst measuring the coulomb's flowing in or out. Either of a single cell or of entire pack.
Together with my knowledge of batteries and their management circuitry, I can often resuscitate a battery pack that has been deeply discharged.
What do I mean by deeply discharged ?
This is often when a battery has been left for a long time (say 3 - 6 months) and now refuses to charge, or no-longer shows signs of life.

Capacity testing is also available if that is required.
I repair BMS circuitry, and battery chargers.

All lithium battery cells that are not recoverable are responsibly recycled (adhering to the Basel convention.)

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